Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Fun Cont.

The girls all show off their New Year's gifts. What could be more fun than lanterns that really glow/light up and some fun traditional head bands with flowers and dangley things?!!

Perhaps money!! Oh, can't leave out the traditional red envelopes on Chinese New Year!! Jenna looks over and wants to know "how much did you get, Serena?!!"

Serena says, "Wow, money!! When can we go shopping?!" Not today Serena, all the stores are closed we told her! You'll have to wait a few days before they reopen, then we'll go shopping:)

They had to call me to the bathroom and turned off all the lights to show off their lanterns that actually light up and play music! Pretty cool girls!

Just in case you're wondering about Shawna and Elise being left out, nope! There's a reason we have no pictures of them this time around. They were with me when we picked out the Chinese New Year's gifts for the Forever Home girls. Though I asked them if they wanted some, the answer was a definite "NO WAY! We're way too old for such things!" However, they didn't turn down the idea of receiving money in the red envelope!! Imagine that! Ever known a girl of any age to turn down money?!

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