Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fireworks and More Fireworks!!

What is Chinese New Year without some fireworks?!! A lot of fireworks!!

All week the girls have been looking forward to setting off some of our own fireworks. Finally the day, or night rather, came when it was time to do just that.The fireworks began early here and all week there have been some going off each evening. The girls all run to the windows as soon as they hear them and try to catch a glimpse of their beauty. They are rarely disappointed and usually are able to see a few each night. But it's nothing like setting off your own:) As it turned out, they thought they were way too loud and covered their ears a lot. Jenna wasn't much too crazy about all the loud noises either and seemed to enjoy the bigger ones more from afar, like inside the house!

It was a bit windy and we had a bit of trouble lighting and keeping the sparklers lit. After a few each, we decided to try again another night when it wasn't quite as windy.

Elizabeth helps dad shield the wind to light the sparklers.

Serena thinks sparklers are pretty cool and a lot of fun.

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