Sunday, February 13, 2011

A House Guest

Isn't she a real sweety?!! Such a pretty cat!

During Chinese New Year, many New Day people went on vacation or visiting friends. We were asked to care for a friend's cat. Since I thought the girls would all enjoy having a special house guest for 10 days, we offered to keep it in our home rather than run to and fro each day caring for it. Although it was close by, we also thought the cat would get lonely being there all by herself for that long. They were happy we'd offered and took off for Thailand for their holiday after delivering her to our home.

The girls have enjoyed having her here. Though her owners said she loved people, I wonder if she'd been around kids much. She seemed a bit afraid of the girls at first. And our dog, well.........let's just say it took them a few days to accept one another. Although there were no fights per say, they clearly didn't like one another.

After a few days, however, things settled down a bit. Then there were the times the cat just wanted to play with the dog, who really didn't want to play, or at least the way she wanted to play!! He quickly found out there were sharp things on the ends of her paws and decided he didn't want much to do with her. I think his philosophy was --you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone, okay?! However, the cat had other plans:) Several times I had to laugh when I saw what she was doing. The dog, trying to mind it's own business, walking down the hall or somewhere, the cat would wait until he passed and then bat at his tail with her paws. The dog then would turn around and yap at her, but each time he turned around to leave again, she'd do the same thing all over again!! It was hilarious!! Very entertaining!

Isn't this a sweet picture?!!

I have to say, I was a bit worried if we had a cat in our house for 10 days, everyone would want one and I'd be overruled! We've had cats before, and well........they can be mischievous (sorry all you cat people!) At least until they get older and then just lay around the house and become lap or furniture decoration. That's when I like cats! It takes a long time to get them to that point though. In the meantime, their mischievousness gets on my nerves. I guess the same could be said of puppies. Guess we're just dog people. Anyway, since Shawna and Elise is the ones taking full responsibility of this job, anytime there's a mess to be cleaned regarding the cat, or the box needs cleaning, or they need fed, I call them! Although they're good about it, I think they've found it a bit frustrating and......well, I don't have to worry about them wanting a cat. They love her, but hey, when she's ready to go home..they'll say goodbye, but we'd rather come and visit ya! She's not a bad cat, don't get me wrong, she's a typical cat! We were reminded of that these 10 days while babysitting her:) It's been good though and I'm sure the girls will really miss her when she is gone. We may all have to visit her at home.

Elizabeth is the biggest animal lover at our house. Even though the cat growls and tries to scratch her, she still insists that it should remain in her arms! She does the same with our dog. She just wants to love them to pieces and they just want their space sometimes!

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