Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lantern Festival Activities Cont.

I thought this was a great picture. Can you imagine being her age and still doing some of these things?! Most of these ladies doing these dances were middle age and older ladies such as the one pictured here. I know they practice countless hours and it is great fun for them and I'm sure they enjoy sharing their heritage and culture with everyone. We appreciate their dedication so much!

This is one of the yo yo performers. They put on an excellent performance too. We can buy these yo yo's in the village and I'd love to see Shawna and Elise and/or some of our older girls take up this cool hobby. Maybe when it gets warmer:)

I LOVE this picture of these ladies. They saw me wanting to take a picture and readily gave me an awesome pose. They're costumes are sooo cute, don't you think?!

I'd call this the Lantern Lady!!

This is some of the many fan dancers. I know they also spent countless hours practicing as it showed when they were all in sync to the music.

Lantern festival wouldn't be right without a dragon dance!

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