Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Fun

Yes, we like to celebrate any holiday, whether it be Western or Chinese. Western holidays 'cause we are Westerners, and Chinese holidays 'cause we live in China. It's a good enough excuse if you ask me! This way the Forever Home girls get to learn about and celebrate many different cultural things. This is Jenna enjoying some of her new gifts she received on Chinese New Year.

Hannah also thought these gifts were fun and exciting!

Doesn't Serena look beautiful in her new traditional headdress?! If you detect a bit of make-up, you'd be right. Although Shawna and Elise feel they're too old for such things like this headdress or toy lantern, they have THE MOST FUN dressing up the other girls! They had to apply a little make-up feeling like their costumes just weren't complete without it! After all, with such a beautiful headdress, you need a bit of eye and lip make-up, right?! After they did their little faces up, they then marched them in to have their pictures taken.

Lookin beautiful Elizabeth!!

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