Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a Fashion Show!

The girls often like to dress up and put on a fashion show for us. Being a girl is just sooo much fun!! Like any girl, they like to look their best. They change, and change, and change more some days!! They just can't make up their minds what they want to wear! Where do they learn this stuff?!! It certainly isn't from me! It must be something already deeply ingrained into being a female, you think?! It's certainly fun to watch them!

You don't notice Serena in these pictures as she isn't one to play dress up, yet! She does like to be girly though and enjoys wearing dresses, painting her nails and such things. I guess she just doesn't see the point of dressing up if there's no where to go! All such things are new to her yet.

Hannah is really hammin it up these days for the camera! I think she's officially come out of her shell so to speak!! It's great to see her having so much fun!


  1. They look glamorous...and like they're having TONS of fun! :)

  2. Yeah it really does look like Hannah's come alive! I just noticed how BIG her smiles are in this post and about her pizza!! Oh my...we remember the pictures of when she came in. Thank you for loving on her, lifting her up and letting Him do a mighty work in her life. Wow!!! Her smile is so beautiful!