Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun In The Pool

On Friday we took all the girls to the pool again. I think it is their favorite past time! They don't seem to get enough of the water! This place is very inexpensive and not terribly far away so we've scheduled a trip every other week during these summer months. Hannah is the bravest of all these girls. She's not afraid to get her face wet and absolutely loves the water! She can come up a sputtering and it just doesn't phase her! In fact, she swam so hard that she completely wore herself out. We didn't realize just how much until she got out of the pool and then had trouble walking without assistance. I guess next time we'll have to watch her a bit closer to be sure she doesn't exhaust herself that much before having a good rest. After-all, she will have to work up to such things as she is still recovering from major heart surgery. She probably feels better than she ever has in her life and just wants to do things she always dreamed of doing. Who could blame her?!!

This time, the pool's temperature was much cooler and Jenna took quite some time getting in. She wandered around the pool sticking her foot in to check the temperature I guess to see if it was any warmer here or there. After some time, she finally decided she'd get in, but held tightly to my neck not wanting to completely immerse herself in the water! Once she got acclimated to the temperature, it was great fun! In fact, she had a royal fit when she had to get out!! Serena also enjoyed herself asking me over and over once we returned home when we were going back! Elizabeth also has a great time in the water! All our girls love the water and just can't get enough!

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