Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Toys!

This week our girls have been blessed with a few new toys. The team gave them some cool balloons that you blow up and they twirl around and whistle as they inflate. The girls thought those were great! Then an intern who helped out a couple of days gave them a couple of spinning tops that have laser lights and play a very popular song here. Wow, it's never dull around our house, nor quiet these days as we have many musical toys! After the first day, one of the tops stopped partially working. It was likely dropped too many times and stopped playing the loud song, awwwwwww! Here, the louder the volume, the better. Anyone who has been in China much knows just what I'm talking about. Just between you and us, mom and dad was thrilled cause they were REALLY loud, those tops and with 2 going a lot of the time, it was well... you know! I have to say though, the louder and flashier the toy, the more fun and exciting it is to kids! That's when, as a parent, you hope it isn't too long before the batteries run down:) We have to admit though that these are pretty cool toys!! Thanks so much for blessing them with them! They have really enjoyed them and that's what's important, isn't it?!


  1. We bought a top like that for our son (Serena's former foster brother) when we were there. Blissfully (since we were in a hotel room) ours did lights but no sound. Alas, it lasted only a few hours before the tiny wind-up spring mechanism broke, and I was the one who did it. He loved that thing, just amazed that it was his. New toys were not something he'd seen many of, he was just so thrilled that we would buy him one that he asked for. Of course, the Aotemans and monster set was the best, but that top was second. So much fun to see all the kids having fun making some seriously silly noise! We loved some of the simple, fun toys in China; so did our kids!