Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of Her Favorite Past-times

One of Serena's favorite past-times is puzzles. Although she isn't all that good at it, she will spend a great deal of time and effort working on them. She yet has to learn that there's a picture she is building in puzzle piecing and that not every notch fits in every hole! She has a great time anyway and I guess that's what's important.

She had her first visit to the dentist and eye doctor in Beijing yesterday. She had 5 cavities, 2 of which they filled yesterday and the other 3 will be done next week. As far as the vision issues, she will be getting new, better glasses. We hope that they will help a great deal and she'll see a lot better. The old ones they said were helping, but simply not strong enough. According to what we learned yesterday, there is no surgery that can be done to help her vision problems, but we hope that these new glasses will make a big difference in her vision.

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