Monday, July 12, 2010

It's a Party!!

Yesterday we celebrated Jenna's birthday. She turned 6!! Happy Birthday Jenna! We began the day by taking all the girls shopping to spend their allowances and thus giving the other girls a chance to buy her a gift if they desired. While we were out shopping, Randy and Elise decorated the house for her birthday. She was quite excited when we returned and saw all the decorations! What's a party without decorations, right?!!

Jenna admiring her birthday decorations.

They even decorated the table and made animal balloons! How beautiful guys!

Part of Shawna's gift to Jenna was some time on a favorite carnival type riding car. It was a wonderful surprise that just added something special to her day!


  1. Oh my goodness how very sweet! I'm so glad Jenna is being loved so well. I am praying so for her forever family to find her!

    I love your blog and what you are doing in the lives of these precious girls!

  2. Yay!!! Happy Birthday Jenna!!! Looks like tons of fun!!

    I'm a July birthday too :)

    Much love from one of your sponsors in America!!!


  3. And we LOVE loving on these girls! Thanks so much for all you guys do for these girls too! Together we can make a difference in their lives. And thanks for spreading the word about finding them a forever family! Bless you all!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Jenna! I have a little package to send to her...I hope she won't mind a late gift!

  5. Happy birthday dear Jenna! I hope she won't mind a late gift, because I have a little package to send to her!

  6. Are you kidding?! These girls like gifts ANYTIME!!