Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Your Favorite Snack?!!

The girls have a snack and they'd all agree that it is, by far, their favorite! They simply call it la jiao or la pian (meaning spicy). It is usually made out of tofu or sometimes a flour base. It is quite cheap and they often use part of their allowances to purchase some throughout the week as I can't seem to supply enough to satisfy them in their opinion:) It is actually pretty spicy, but they love it anyway! When our last helper, an intern, was here I asked her if she'd like to try some. But first I asked her if she liked spicy. She replied that she did so I gave her a piece to try. After all, you need to experience as many new things as possible while you're here in China, right?! Well, she took one bite and had to spit it out. Not that the taste was awful, but it was just more spicy than she could handle. She then remarked "How do they eat that stuff?!" All our girls here like spicy! We have to put a bottle of it on the table at each meal! Hannah enjoys it the most. She simply can't eat a piece of toast without it. Jelly just won't due for her, she must have spicy sauce! I do draw the line on having spicy on some things like cake or ice-cream. Believe me though, she's asked more than once! I guess we just have spicy girls!

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