Friday, July 30, 2010

A Budding Artist

Lois, the Forever Home's teacher, has put together an art exhibition to display some of Serena's work. When Serena first came, it seemed quite obvious that she hadn't previously drawn much or colored pictures like most children take for granted as they grow and develop. While she could only scribble previously, and only used one color for an entire picture, had much difficulty tracing objects and coloring within the lines, look at her work now!! She has made tremendous progress after such a short period of time (only arriving here on May 14) and we are very proud of her accomplishments!! Her teacher set up an exhibition of her works in the classroom where she studies daily at New Day. Today was her last day of class and what could be more appropriate than to show off all her works! We sent out emails to New Day staff to view her work and let her know what a great job she has done. It was truly wonderful to see her face light up when people would praise her work! It certainly goes a long way toward helping improve her self-esteem! Anyway, we also wanted to share it with all of you as well! The artist bio and other comments are written by her teacher, Lois. Thank you so much for all you've done for her! Serena's work speaks for itself!


  1. Great job, Serena!!! I just love seeing this kids blossom under the love and care of the New Day staff...what an incredible gift all of you are!!!

  2. Yes, our son mentioned a long time ago that she did not know how to color, that she never got to do that, that no one would show her since she did not go to "real school" like he did.

    He did know how to draw, but he is driven that way, he's a very focused, naturally talented artist. He's the kind of kid who would draw with a stick in the dirt or charcoal on cement. Coloring? Well he knew about colors and but clearly had not had much chance to use them. He made huge improvements very quickly once given the materials.

    She's doing great! Figuring out why and what comes first, then having fun practicing gains the skill, which becomes even more fun once she can achieve the results she wants. So many firsts for our kids; it's so easy to forget how far our son has come in the past two years. The "frog in the well" quote is spot on. One lovely amazing person is out of the well and is on her way!