Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Warm Days---Soon Ending :((

Though we hope there are still warm days before fall sets in, we know that they will be fewer and fewer.  And that makes us sad :( The girls love to go out to play!  This week it has cooled down and we had to actually drag out the jackets for morning trips to school.  Hopefully we still have more warm days, but September is here and that means fall is soon upon us.  Don't get me wrong, I love fall, but sometimes it's hard to enjoy the fall weather knowing that winter is soon around the corner--and I don't particularly like the cold, but snow is pretty and the girls love to play in it too.  Couldn't we just have warm days and snow too?! Wouldn't that be ideal? We just plan to enjoy these last few warm days as much as we can.

Emma and big sister, Elise.

Look at that smile and the spring in her step!  This was taken of Mollie as she just came from home. Can you tell she also loves the outdoors?!  Look at the joy on her face!

If the girls are outside at New Day when we come to get them, sometimes they don't want to come home--they'd rather just stay and play outside! But, most of the time, they are quick and happy to return home--cause right now it's home.  

All our girls enjoy playing outside and Holly is no exception.  Her hair is beginning to grow and we are able to do more with it. She's enjoying all the girly ribbons and bows and now loves wearing dresses. Wow, that's quite a change from when she first came and didn't want anything to do with girly stuff!  I just honestly don't think she knew how to be a girl and well........now living with all girls but a dad, that quickly changed!

Sylvia is a happy girl and we've had very little adjustment issues.  She is delayed, but we hope to begin catching her up soon.  Today was her first day going to New Day since she arrived here.  Today though, is not a typical day at New Day and we hope she doesn't get the idea that every day is like this!!  Today the girls all went on a field trip to Beijing to see a 3-D movie!  She's probably thinking "So this is what the other girls do when they leave the house every morning and then return at the end of the day!"  Sorry to disappoint Sylvia, but you'll soon discover that these type days are only about once a month :)  If she's like all the other girls though, she'll love going to New Day where they make learning fun!  It's always so exciting when the new girls come and they do many new things they've probably never experienced before.  We love watching the joy of discovery on their faces!

Poor Sylvia's hair is sooo short and I can't do a thing with it yet!  Every day when I fix the other girls' hair, she comes up and wants hers done too!  About all I can do though is add a couple of barrettes--even those don't stay in very long and they are soon laying on the counter by noon as we've put them back in multiple times already :)  But it makes her happy to have something in her hair like the other girls and well.......if she's happy, so am I!  Don't worry, Sylvia, in a few months we'll be able to put some ribbons and bows in your hair too!  But to her it'll probably seem like forever!

The days of soaking each other with water guns is soon gone! Enjoy it while it lasts girls!

Elly wonders if her bubble gun is working properly.  There's only one bubble--help, something's terribly wrong here!

Elizabeth helps her get it working again :)  So many bubbles Elizabeth--okay, okay, stop!

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