Monday, September 24, 2012

Anxiously Waiting

Yes, Elly is anxiously awaiting the soon arrival of her parents.  We talk often about what it'll be like in America and this helps prepare her for what lies ahead.  She often asks if this or that food is in America.  We are taking notes of what her favorite foods are so her parents will know her likes and dislikes. Elly is such a special girl and we will certainly miss her wit and charm.  She's a very determined girl and we know she has a very bright future ahead.  

The older girls have a make-up session and Elly tries on some beautiful make-up.  Not sure, though, that the rouge is needed on the end of her nose!  I kinda think that is just some silliness on their part, huh?!  Who wears rouge on the end of their nose anyway?!  She's not a clown ya'll!

I know this post is about Elly, but couldn't resist throwing in this picture of her and the new girl, Sylvia.  You can clearly see how Elly, right away, took her right under her wing and helps her out.  She'll do great with a younger brother.  She often loves helping them out--it really makes her feel like the "big girl" and if it makes her a bit more independent.....well, all the better!

What'cha makin' Elly?!!


  1. I am going to miss seeing sweet Elly. She will always be in my heart. She is so special ! That electric smile

  2. Perhaps her parents will keep up their blog and you can still see her on theirs! "When love brings you to me"