Monday, September 17, 2012

Time For Some Cotton Candy!

The Forever Home has a small cotton candy maker and every now and then we drag it out and make some. While it doesn't work all that great, it does an okay job and it's something that really gets the girls excited and they love it!  Here Sylvia is likely trying her first cotton candy treat.  I think she likes it judging by the look on her face, what do you think?!

I have to admit, it was hard getting a picture of all three of them together enjoying their cotton candy. They enjoyed it so much, by the time the next one was ready, the previous one was already done with theirs!

Elizabeth also enjoys cotton candy!

Elly savor's hers!

Not Emma though!  Hers was gone in a few short seconds!

It takes a bit of practice to making these things and Elise got pretty good at it after she made several.

That one looks like a mini tornado.  Try, try again, the girls don't mind eating your practice ones Elise!

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  1. note to self...must buy a personal cotton candy maker! LOL