Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Also Anxiously Waiting

Holly is also anxiously awaiting a forever family, but unlike Elly, she is not yet matched with a family.  Though we often talk about it when she brings it up almost daily asking if she has a family in America yet.  Some day we hope that our answer will change from "Sorry, not yet, we have to wait and be patient."    to    "Holly!! We have wonderful news for you! You've been matched with a family!"  We continue to hope and believe that her dreams of having her very own forever family come true.  In the meantime, we love caring for this special girl.

As one of the older children in the Forever Home, Holly has decided she'd like to try her hand at washing dishes instead of drying them.  

Holly loves the outdoors and frequently likes to spend time outside.

The sandbox is one of her favorite things to do.  She also LOVES books!  She frequently practices writing the English words from the books even though she doesn't know what they yet mean.  Holly is currently learning to read and write. She's learning the alphabet, some sight words in both English and Chinese, and does math at school along with many other activities in school. 


  1. She's adorable! Tell her I said so and I think some family will be really lucky to have her for a daughter!

  2. Thanks, I'll tell her! We just continue to hope and believe there is a family out there for her before she reaches 14 (the age she no longer becomes adoptable).