Friday, September 14, 2012

Come Take A Ride With Us

Sunday morning while playing in the backyard at New Day, the Forever Home girls discovered the cart and just had to sit in it.  Holly told all the girls to get in the back and she'd ride them around the yard. Well.......I said........we don't have permission to use that so perhaps you can just pretend to give them a ride.  Okay, she says :)  

Then Elly decided she wanted to give them a "ride."  The little girls all piled in the back of the cart and Elly began to push them back and forth for their "ride."  

Then the cart tried to run over her!  Not really, she just lost her balance and fell down.  Elly's quite the trouper though and she just gets right back up again.  She's not afraid to "get back on that horse" again. It's one of the things we love so much about her--if she doesn't succeed, she tries, tries again!!

I don't think Mollie got out of the cart the whole time!  

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