Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bubbles! We Just Like 'em!!

Wands??  Who needs 'em?!!

Elizabeth likes to blow bubbles with her hands.  She's pretty good at it. That's a BIG bubble Lizzie!!

Elise too!  Who doesn't like bubbles?!

Spoons with a hole in the center works too!

You really have to look close to see this one. 

We were trying something new. Something Shawna had seen on the internet when she searched on giant bubbles.  We used their instructions and hoped for some giant bubbles like they showed with some sticks and string.  Alas, ours didn't work quite that way--even though it was easy enough an 8-10 year old child could do it :)  At least according to the video.  We are thinking our ingredients here just aren't as good as the ones you get in the states--which is usually true for many things here.  The bubbles would just pop before the left the "wand".  So.......we added a bunch more and got this one big bubble but still isn't working like theirs.  However, that is what Elise and Lizzie used for the above bubbles they blew with their hands.  You're supposed to let the solution set for several days or even 2 weeks. So, since we added a bit more ingredients, we'll give it another shot perhaps on the weekend.  If we get it to work, you'll see some cool giant bubble pictures :)  If not, won't!

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