Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Ritz Anyone?!

Everything tastes better on a Ritz, right?!

I actually put the crackers on the table to have with the sardines, but Elizabeth, who doesn't like fish, had other ideas for the crackers :)  I look over and she's putting some of her noodles on the crackers.  I had to laugh and then said "Well....everything does taste better on a Ritz, right?!"  Then I went and got the camera for a cute blog post I thought you guys might enjoy. 

What kinds of things does your family eat on a Ritz?  I have to admit this was a new one for ours :)

Noodles.....on a cracker....that's different, huh?!

Emma, who pretty much dislikes any kind of green vegetable (and we eat plenty of them here!), decided perhaps she might like to try some of her shredded cucumbers on the cracker since everything tastes better on a Ritz! Maybe this was a new way to get her to more easily eat her green vegetables.  Nah, you can see her reaction in the next photo.

Emma thinks "No, everything does not taste better on a Ritz---especially green vegetables!!"

She takes her fork and spoon and begins to separate the green vegetables from the noodles!  In her eyes, they clearly don't belong together!  In fact, she says they don't belong ANYWHERE ON HER PLATE!!!

Then.....the most horrid thing happened!  One of the cucumbers ATTACKED HER!!  She was lucky to even get away unhurt :))

Apparently, judging by her next moves, the yucky green vegetables were not far enough away on the other side of her plate.  NO!! She had to move them much farther away on the table!

We LOVE Emma's cute little antics!!  She often keeps us entertained!


  1. Pepperoni and sheedded cheese for a homemade lunchable. We will have to try the noodles, heh

  2. That sounds wonderful! Oh, how we miss pepperoni here! Or lunch meats for that matter. If you do find them in Beijing, they'll cost you a pretty penny! Course, we have other things that you all don't have. Guess that's just how it works, huh?!