Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special Request

Hi Guys, I know we don't often do this--ask for things, but sometimes we feel that the need overrides our feelings of not wanting to ask.  As you know, we have older girls here at the Forever Home. Most of them come straight from orphanages and are behind developmentally in many areas. One of them being social skills.  Recently, an occupational therapist has suggested that we get a couple of books to help in the area of social skills and communication skills.  While it is an area we already work on utilizing our assessment, we could use the extra help of these books to help our girls gain more skills.  If you'd be interested in helping us purchase these books, please contact me,    for more details on purchasing these books for the Forever Home.  The two or three books together cost approximately $130-210  plus shipping, then would need to be shipped here to China.  Perhaps we could find someone coming here to bring them as well.  Any one of these books would be helpful.  If you'd like to purchase one or all, or make a tax deductible donation towards these, just let me know if you are interested in helping with this project.

The Books:

Every Child Wants to Play by Annie Baktazar  $80

Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winners

(Think Social! A social thinking curriculum for school aged students $84)

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