Monday, April 2, 2012

Tryin' On Shoes

The other day while the older girls were still at school, we drug out of storage the two tubs of spare shoes.  Some of the girls needed a new pair or two of shoes with warmer weather now here, yippee!!  While they sat in the living room awaiting the older girls to get home from school, Mollie and Emma decided they needed to pick out a few of their own.  They no longer need toys, just dig out the tubs of shoes and they're entertained for the afternoon!!

Emma drops her cooking toys when she sees the tubs of shoes and decides to pick out a few pairs for herself.  

Mollie picks out a few pairs for herself and gives direction to Emma on what looks best for her.

Looks like Emma found the perfect pair and she's tickled pink red!!

Mollie tries some nice boots.  What do you think she says?!

Looks like Tiny just can't decide on a pair to go with his outfit behind him! 

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