Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ducks and Bunnies!

During the Easter egg hunt, the foster home had purchased some little duckies and already had bunnies for all the kids to pet.  It's a great way to introduce them to animals~many of which the kids have never seen except in pictures.  It helps prepare them for the pets they may some day have in their forever families.  Besides it's just plain fun!

Elly loved the bunnies!

And the ducks were quite cuddly too!

Holly thought they were great, but Hannah was terrified of these--which is why I didn't have a picture of her holding any of these cuties! Obviously she is not afraid of dogs--as we have one in the Forever Home, but little bunnies and duckies are terrifying!

Elizabeth has always loved pets and takes every available opportunity to get to hold them!

This was as close as Emma got to these little animals--and that took a lot of convincing!

Emma stood back and watched for some time. After she was convinced that these bunnies weren't going to eat her, she decided to pet one.

Uh oh!!  That bunny stole her sucker!  Bad bunny!!  Actually she dropped it out of her mouth when she bent over to pet him :0

Though this isn't the best picture, you can clearly see that she isn't very pleased that she can't retrieve her sucker to eat it again :)

This is as close as Mollie ever got to touching an animal.  She decided they were much safer from a distance!

Nope, no amount of convincing was getting her nearer to that bunny who stole Emma's sucker!

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