Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Concert By Emma and Mollie

Don't you just LOVE the kisses Mollie blows?!  They both really like books and are always looking at them.

  Mollie is our active one who always keeps up running after her.  Can you tell?!

These two little ones love to sing!!  Somewhere along the line, probably on TV, they figured out you're supposed to use a microphone when you sing as they always grab something to use as their microphones.  They often use these wooden blocks for microphones.  

We just had to share this.  Since the first day Emma came, we have heard her say something that sounds like she's saying "pork chop."  Although we know that isn't really what she's saying, we don't know what she's really trying to say.  She says it often and we get a kick out of hearing her go around the house saying "pork chop"  all the time!  You be the judge, what does it sound like to you?!  Obviously it's something Chinese, but no one knows what.  Perhaps it's just toddler gibberish?!


  1. My goodness those girls are CUTE! Love your blog by the way!

  2. I'm so glad you love our blog! Thanks for saying so!

  3. Could Emma be saying Grandmother's House? It sounds kinda like that to me, but it's just a guess! Regardless, they're such cutie pies!