Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going To A Wedding!

The girls have been anxiously awaiting the big day of one of our staff members wedding.  We don't often get the opportunity to attend weddings so this was very special for all our girls.  In fact, many of them had never been to a wedding before.  They were very excited :)  

This is Grace and her new husband dressed in traditional Chinese wedding apparel.

In a Chinese wedding, many people close to the bride and groom such as parents, grandparents, even employers etc. get to stand up and say a kind word about the couple.  Every time they finished, there would be applause and Emma would get all excited and give a hearty clap herself--although she had no idea what she was clapping about, she was just caught up in all the excitement!  Do you have any doubt that she had a great time?!

The meal was served and Chinese tradition holds that the bride and groom come around to all the tables and serve their guests drinks.  Elizabeth and Hannah are excited at getting an opportunity to talk with Grace--such a beautiful bride, don't you think?!

What is all this mess you may ask?!  Another Chinese tradition is to set off fireworks.  Well, this is what's left when you do tons of firecrackers! Traditionally fireworks are the sign of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.  Another tradition involving fireworks, gongs, and drums heralded by the wedding procession of the groom to his bride's home is included to frighten away any evil spirits that might be following the groom into his new life.  We weren't there for this part, but I have seen it before. I'm not sure how much it is still practiced, but the firecrackers obviously is!  In fact, they use fireworks for everything here--store openings, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and many other occasions.  

This is Mollie all dressed in her finest.  She was more than happy to pose for a picture this time, although later it's another story.

Emma is rarely keen on posing for pictures.  Can you tell by this photo--and this is the best one!  Either she's looking away or looking bored--unless I catch her by surprise such as in the earlier picture.

Ellie is another one who has no problem posing for pictures.  She was quite proud to show off her pretty dress.  

Holly looks so beautiful in her dress!  I'm so glad she's decided it's okay to look like a girl!

Hannah is also lookin' great today!

These three beauties--Elizabeth, Elise and Shawna--are our 3 adopted daughters.

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