Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Has Arrived!

With warmer weather finally here, we are able to get outdoors a bit more.  Boy, were we glad to see some warmer weather!

Big sister, Elise, gives Hannah some instructions on how to play Frisbee.

She caught on pretty fast and seemed to really like to play!

Elly had a blast watching the dancers and soon got into the music herself and began imitating some of their dance moves.  Here, there is often a public square where locals gather and socialize each day/evening.  They also often have people who enjoy doing some dance and/or other exercise moves together.

Elizabeth particularly enjoys riding her bike and now that the long winter is over, she is ready to ride once again!

Holly is just learning to ride a bike without training wheels and here Shawna is helping her learn.  She nearly has it and soon she'll be riding everywhere--all on her own!

Check out Elly's dance moves!

Elly Dancing from Rita Rippee on Vimeo.

Notice how long she's able to maintain her balance while doing some of the arm motions of the dance.


  1. That video is the sweetest thing I have ever seen :)
    Love You All!

  2. Was Elly standing by herself before? She looks wonderful. Any steps yet?

  3. No, Elly couldn't stand by herself before she came. And yes, she can take a few steps without the aide of a walker or anything, but only a few RIGHT NOW. We feel it's just the beginning and hope to see more and more as the strength of her legs is built up each passing day.