Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blocks, Blocks, and more Blocks!

There are a few toys that all the girls seem to love and that is the larger lego type building blocks.  They always seem to be fighting over them and we felt we just needed some more.  So we ordered some and after getting them in one day, came home to find even the older girls were having a blast with them! Look how tall we can stack them--all the way to the ceiling!  

Shawna (taking the picture), Elise and Elizabeth all had a blast with the new blocks--a nice set of 500!  They had to check them out to be sure they were fun enough for the younger girls to play with :)  Looks like they were!

Mollie and Emma check out the new blocks.  Did you know the longer ones can be used as microphones?!  Just ask Emma and Mollie who do it all the time!

Elly and Hannah sharing some block time.

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