Monday, April 9, 2012

Hannah Has A Birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday Hannah!!

Friday was Hannah's 10th birthday!  She received many gifts and even an e-card wishing her a very happy birthday.  It was a special day and we all enjoyed celebrating with her!

Hannah chose a special birthday ice-cream cake.  Though it was supposed to be both chocolate and melon, her two favorites, it only ended up being melon. was still eaten anyway!

Elly enjoys having some of Hannah's birthday cake.

Mollie always enjoys a nice sweet treat!

Shawna and Hannah enjoying a moment together!  She will really be missed when she's gone!!  Other than Elizabeth, Hannah has been with us the longest.  

Holly and Emma also enjoy their ice-cream cake!

In keeping with tradition here, Hannah slices the cake for her guests celebrating her party.


Smile for the camera Hannah!  What a beautiful cake!

I have to apologize for the video.  Wish I could have redone it, but unfortunately, you can't redo such things.  While it started and ended up fine, it got a bit blurry in the middle.  I guess the camera had a hard time adjusting to the flame on the candle.  So sorry, but thought you might enjoy seeing the rest of it anyway:) I have a new camera soon on it's way.  Hopefully it will be better and not have such issues :)

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