Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Precious Smiles

Holly and Elly share a sisterly moment posing for mom.  Holly has changed much since she arrived 4 months ago.   As with all the girls, we wait to let them pick out their own clothes.  When we went through the tubs of clothes, everything that was remotely girly, she'd say no. No dresses, skirts, stuff with cute girly stuff on the shirts, even pinks or purples were generally a no with Holly.  Didn't want her hair fixed or barrettes or anything girly at all.  

We recently were sent a few pictures of her in the orphanage taken a couple of years ago.  It helped explain what we'd guessed--that she just never had girly things.  Her haircut was very, very short like a boy's and even her clothes.  If I didn't know it was her in the pictures, I'd have assumed it was a boy pictured.  

Anyway, after living in a house full of girls, she's decided it's okay to look girly! She's even excited about getting these type things now! Recently when the seasons changed again we drug out all the tubs to find some clothes for spring and summer. We found a dress that'd fit her and this time she loved the idea of wearing a dress. We found several other dresses and skirts for her too. So you'll be seeing her look more girly these days :)  She's also very excited that her hair is getting longer and now can wear it in a couple of small pony tails with some pretty barrettes!  

It's the same for all our girls. They usually come with really short hair and then we let it grow out so they can start wearing some of the cute little ponies, barrettes, and ribbons.  It makes them feel pretty and special--just like they are!

Emma is a bit camera shy and sometimes it's hard to get a good picture of her.  Such a beautiful girl you are Emma!

Hannah, another beauty, has grown so much over the last few years since arriving here.  We are simply amazed when looking at her photos of when she first arrived--what changes we've seen in her too.  We are so proud of the lovely young lady she is becoming.  We will surely miss her when she leaves in a couple of months!

These three are also growing into beautiful young ladies!  They are our adopted daughters and they are such a wonderful help to us. They truly love these girls and do so much with these girls.  I don't know what we'd do without them!

Mollie, now she's not camera shy at all!  In fact, she's quite the ham :)  Getting pictures are easy with this one!

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