Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture Ornaments

Although Christmas is over, we made picture ornaments for the tree the week they were off following Christmas. My motto is: Better late than never! We were so busy with many things before Christmas and just never got around to making these. When we first put the tree up, the girls saw some other picture ornaments we'd made our first year here. They wanted to make one of themselves and put on the tree too. I only regret we didn't get it done sooner! We also wanted to make one of each of the girls as a wonderful keepsake. After all, some of them will likely not be with us next year and we thought this would be a great reminder of our first Christmas together. Then we can make new ones with each new child that comes into the Forever Home! Before long, we might need to get a second tree or find another creative way to display them, huh?!! Anyway, the girls all surely had a great time making these. They were so proud of them and placed them on the tree when they were dry until it came down about a week later. So, hey, they did spend a week on the tree!

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