Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guess Who Had A Birthday This Week?!!

Elizabeth turned 10 this week!!

That's right her cake says Lizzie. It's a nick name the older girls gave her awhile back and she liked it so it stuck and they often call her that. When asked what name she wanted on her cake, Elizabeth or Lizzie, she told me Lizzie. It's a cute nick name,don't you think? It seems to fit her.

Elizabeth got some new clothes and toys. It is traditional at our house to let the birthday person pick their favorite cake and meal. Elizabeth wanted a home-made ice-cream cake with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate cake decorated with her favorite colors of icing. We then had soup--that's right--soup!! She requested a pork and vegetable type soup with Italian spices much like a minestrone soup only without the pasta. Although I'd made a HUGE pot, the girls ate it pretty much all up--some of them having 3 bowls!! They're some pretty hearty eaters when it comes to something they really like!

Doesn't she make such a beautiful butterfly?!!

Although we'd reminded everyone, twice before we lit the candles, that we'd sing Happy Birthday in English and then in Chinese, it was obvious that Elizabeth forgot. Right after the English version was complete, one big whoosh and those candles were all blown out!! It was too funny!!

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