Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makin' Cookies!

The girls LOVE to help out in the kitchen every chance they get! I was making some no bake cookies one afternoon and thought the little girls would like to help out. Their teacher didn't happen to be in on this particular afternoon and the older girls were working on school work. After all, they don't get as much time in the kitchen probably as some of the older girls do. They had a blast and in no time we had some delicious cookies to eat!

They helped measure out all the dry ingredients. That was fun! Mom did the wet ingredients and the cooking on the stove part with them watching. When that was done, they were spooned onto the buttered platter to set up.

Then there's the tasting! OH YEAH!! Every good cook knows you must taste your dishes before serving it to anyone else! Licking the bowl and spoon is a bonus of cooking!

Then there's the clean up. You'll notice the look on Jenna's face of pure delight! At this age, clean up is lots of fun. After all, how often does mom let you play in the water except outdoors or during swimming trips?!


  1. I think your may have 2 future chefs on your hands Rita! LOL

  2. Love seeing Elizabeth's apron still in the kitchen having lots of cooking fun :-) It just puts a big smile on my face.
    I bet the cookies were fantastic!

  3. Yes, that apron gets used a lot around here by several different girls! It has been a blessing! And yes, the cookies were great!

    2 future chefs, yes, you may be right!