Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Birthday Party At NDFH

It's Elizabeth's 10th birthday this month! Although the day hasn't actually arrived yet (the 25th), she's already had one party! New Day Foster Home celebrates their monthly birthdays all on one day. All the Forever Home girls got to join in the fun of celebrating not only Elizabeth's birthday, but 7 others. This month there were 8 birthday kids!!

Serena and Hannah were there enjoying some cake and all the festivities!

Elizabeth got a nice little computerized game console. It's pretty neat and Elizabeth has played with it practically non-stop since she got it!

Jenna loved the cake too! She is a HUGE sweets fan!!

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  1. Happy birthday (month) Elizabeth!!!
    Glad to hear that the girls had such a nice time celebrating the January birthdays together!

    I hope that you got to celebrate with my other New Day sweetie pie, with a January birthday (Lindsey) too!