Friday, January 28, 2011

New Year's Party at New Day Foster Home Cont.

This is what Elizabeth, Shawna, and Elise spent most of their time doing at the jiaozi making party! Oh well, someone has to watch the kiddos too, right?!

And here's Elise with one of the little ones.

Serena made lots of jiaozi. She was pretty good at it too, I might add.

Of course, not as good as the experts! If you'll notice here in this picture, the experts' jiaozi is on the left, the Forever Home girls' on the right. Not quite the same, yet they did a pretty good job anyway and they taste the same anyhow, right?!

Look at all that jiaozi!! And that was not all of it! There were still about 4 or 5 other trays on another table. Needless to say, we didn't eat all of it. There were 2 or 3 trays left uncooked for another time. It's great frozen and boiled another day. Just like fresh made.


  1. Good job with the jiaozi, girls!!! The look MUCH better than the ones I make. My son just laughs at mine and counts all the ones which loose all the filling when they are cooking.
    Yours looking so yummy.
    Barbara :-)

  2. ohhhh YUMMMM! ...all those jiaozi look so tasty!! I so wish I had some 'hands on' experience in making them, myself. What fun, and even more fun to eat them!!

    Happy CNY and God bless! <><