Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decorating For Chinese New Year

It's time to decorate for Chinese New Year. The girls are always excited when we drag out the decorations for the different holidays.

Serena decided the bottom of the lantern looked better on her head than on the lantern!

Shawna shows off our new lanterns we purchased at the local outdoor lunar market. It's always fun shopping there--you never know what you might find!! They have everything under the sun there. Well...almost--local stuff like kitchen stuff, clothes, fabrics, shoes, decorations, fireworks, feed, live animals to eat and/or for pets, food such as sheep heads, stomaches, pig ears, intestines, etc, etc.... you know--the usual stuff:) However, we (Shawna, Elise, and myself) found out that 3 hours outside in this kind of weather is WAY too much!!

Jenna thinks these lanterns are pretty cool too!

That's a nice one Elizabeth! Where shall we put it up?!

Hannah's pretty excited about all these decorations. Perhaps she remembers all the fun we had last year during Chinese New Year!

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