Friday, January 28, 2011

New Year's Party at New Day Foster Home

This has been one busy week! Not only did we have Elizabeth's birthday on Tuesday, we also had the New Year's party at New Day Foster Home! The girls all had a blast. At 10am, we began making jiaozi (dumplings). Although all the girls were encouraged to join in the making, some of them would rather play with the other kiddos! Serena, Jenna, and Hannah were the ones who joined in the most with the jiaozi making. When I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to make any and I'd take her picture, she proceeded to make one and then went back to playing with the little ones. She rarely passes up a photo op! She loves to play with the little ones.

Jenna and Hannah try their hand at making some jiaozi.

Later in the afternoon, after lunch, there were many performances. Serena got to sing a bit and was not too happy that it wasn't more! This girl loves to sing and apparently feels quite comfortable performing. Perhaps she has some kind of stage career in her future?!

Sitting on both sides of the table, this is half of the Forever Home enjoying their jiaozi.

And this is the other half!

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