Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Flexible are you?!

Can you do this?!

or this?!

I never know what pictures I may find on my camera that these crazy girls think of! I go to download pictures and there they are--unusual pictures I know I didn't take! On this particular day after we left for a meeting, they were supposed to be studying, doing home-school. It just goes to show you--when the cat is away, the mice WILL play!! No, they aren't left completely alone, there's always an adult around, however, they may be in the other room teaching one of the little girls. Looks like they took out a few minutes to be creative, huh?:) Well, I have to admit--these are amusing! Where do they come up with such ideas?!!

We really got into this didn't we?! Made it look so believable that it was painful to be contorted in such a position. A few tell tell signs give it away though--that it's really 2 people rather than the one. Anyway, I thought it amusing and clearly shows just how creative these girls can be!!

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  1. You've got us laughing and smiling way over here in Canada girls! Thankyou!