Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Little Helpers

Most of you know, just like a regular family, all our girls have chores to do.  We always make them age appropriate so everyone feels like they are contributing something worthwhile to the family and teaches them responsibility too.  The older girls help with the dishes after the evening meal.  The 3 older girls, Shawna, Elise, and Elizabeth, take turns rotating nights doing the washing while Holly, Hannah, and Elly take turns rotating drying the dishes (each only 2 nights a week then.) This particular evening Mollie grabbed a drying towel and decided she was helping too!

Being a bit short, she also went and got her little chair to help her reach the cabinet.  She's a smart little cookie, that girl!

Just look how happy that made her!  She's such a big girl that she can help with the dishes!  

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