Monday, June 18, 2012

Ice Skating

When the Forever Home girls go on a field trip each month, we try to take our girls to do something special too.  This time they decided they wanted to go roller skating, but no place could be found so they settled for a round of ice skating instead.

Elise is gearing up--ready for their long awaited chance to go ice skating :)

Shawna was also pretty excited at the opportunity to get some ice time!

Elizabeth is all ready to try her hand at ice skating. This is her very first time to try it.

It was a pretty nice skate rink in one of the malls here--not something you'd expect in a shopping mall, huh?!

Elise is quite good at roller skating/blading so ice skating wasn't too difficult for her.

Though Elizabeth was pretty scared in the beginning, towards the end of the session, she got brave enough to  get out on the ice (rather than cling to the railing) with some help from big sister, Elise.

They look like they're having fun, don't they?!

Shawna, also a good skater, had little trouble taking to the ice.

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