Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Hangin' Out

This is the kind of thing our older daughters do in their spare time.  Shawna's pretty good at cartwheels.

Elise is too.  Back when we lived in America still and they were young, they took gymnastics.

Looks like, somewhere along the way, Elise lost her legs!  Nah, she's just bein' goofy again!  How does she do that?!  Oh to be young and agile again!

Elise, Shawna, and Elizabeth enjoy some time together outside.

Doing cartwheels isn't really Elizabeth's thing.  No thanks she says when they ask her to try it.

But bubbles surely is!

This is Shawna and Elise's new friend who just moved here from the states.  They are glad to have her here. They do many things together.  Here they are posing for a picture together just before they go into the dentist's office to get braces together.  Shawna didn't get her's on that day, but she got 2 teeth pulled in preparation of getting her braces on.  Then the next week she got 2 more pulled--so glad she's done with that now!  Next they had to get their muscles cut between their two front teeth--that was just this last Sunday.  Next Sunday, Shawna goes back to finally get her braces on--which will be on for the next year or two they tell us.

Chinese hacky is always fun with your friends too.

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