Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Origami: Talented Girls

We have some really talented daughters.  Shawna and Elise are always surprising us by some of the things they come up with.  Much of it is self taught as they decided they want to learn something and then look it up on the internet to find out how to do it.  This is just one of the latest things they did that way--Origami.

This was actually a little kit donated by someone. It was way too hard for the younger girls so they took on the challenge.  They did a fine job of it too!

These are rose boxes. They look like regular boxes until............

......opened up like this.

These are various stars and flowers they also learned to make.

I love these lilies!!  Especially with the shiny paper!

These are just regular boxes--however, quite cute and colorful!

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