Friday, June 15, 2012

Hilarious Hannah!

Can't you just tell from this picture what a happy child Hannah is?!  She's always laughing and smiling. She's also quite the jokester and is often being silly. Hannah is soon to leave us and our house just won't be the same without her!!  We will miss her soooo much!  We couldn't be happier though that she has found a forever family of her very own.  They can give her so much more than we, a foster family, can give.  She will make them a wonderful daughter and we know she'll be blessed with her new parents and siblings. I'm so glad she'll have siblings as Hannah is quite social and loves spending time with other children.

This picture, for example, she insisted we take.  My what big feet you have Hannah!

Hannah always loves having her picture taken.  She's such an affection girl and really LOVES her hugs!

2 1/2 years Hannah has lived with our family.  She will be sooo missed!

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