Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gone Visitin'

Recently, New Day had a visiting English teacher, Catherine.  The girls all had a great time with her for the month that she was here.  Catherine has visited New Day multiple times so they know her well and she them.  One Saturday night before she left, she blessed us with some "couple time" while she took the girls to visit at her apartment.  I'm not sure who was more blessed, us or them!  They loved getting to go to someone's house to visit--something they rarely get to do.  We also has 4 glorious hours of uninterrupted dinner and a movie time!  The girls had so much fun that the next week, they automatically assumed (or was hoping to convince her) that they were again going to her house :)  That week in school, they kept telling her they were coming over on Saturday :0  Sorry to disappoint girls, but she had other plans her next to last day before leaving China :(  We will certainly miss her, as we always do, but greatly look forward to her return!

It's too funny, but all week we had told them (and Catherine as well) that they were going to visit her house on Saturday.  While they were very excited, they seemed to have trouble believing that mom and dad weren't going along.  It wasn't until we didn't get our shoes on and leave with them before it became reality to some of them--they just couldn't believe we weren't going too.  Can you just see the excitement on their faces as they say goodbye to mom and dad as they leave?!

She even fed them! Then bathed them at the end of the night before bringing them home!  What a blessing!

Is that school work you're doing there Hannah?!  Na, she just loves to write other people's names.  She can actually spell about everyone's name in our family.

Emma always loves to do a little writing scribbling too!

Mollie loves coloring and scribbling every chance she gets--even on the walls or any other object if a writing utensil is anywhere within her grasp!!

Having fun Elly?!  Do you all have any doubts?!

They got to do many things while there--apparently doing some beads was one of them.  That too is great for eye-hand coordination.  You can tell Catherine has had a lot of experience with kids.  Keep them busy with an activity--that keeps them out of mischief, right Catherine?!

Are you sharing Emma? What a good girl you are!

Hannah looks like she had no trouble making herself right at home, huh?!  Now this is the life she says, laying on the couch eating chips and just relaxing!


  1. I am so glad you and Randy had a Date night! What a wonderful gift!

  2. AHH! This is so sweet :) I wish they could visit every Saturday! I don't know who had more fun-me or them!