Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Little Helper

Ever since Hannah came, she has been our little helper. She wants to help do everything around the house. If she hears bowls or dishes rattling in the kitchen, no mater what time of day, she comes running thinking it is time to set the table! She also wants to help cook in the kitchen and we let her as much as possible, but when it is time to turn the heat on--out she is sent. Hannah desires to help so much that I'm concerned that she might pull a pan of hot oil or water off the stove. It's easy to forget sometimes that although she is nearly 8 years old, she is only 3 emotionally and very much does and acts as a 3 year old. Anyway, she seems fine with that and I certainly don't want her to be burned or get hurt! It's funny though, I let her set the table and she does well with that, but I quickly learned you don't give her food to take to the table or she will either sample it on the way or shortly after she puts it on the table! So for now, all the food stays in the kitchen until dinner is served and I call everyone!!

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