Monday, January 25, 2010

Milk Models?

Here in China, milk is usually drunk from convenient individual bags. No need to dirty a glass! You don't buy milk by the gallon here, it is purchased by the case in bags and doesn't require refrigeration! I know, it is weird and when we first came we wondered how safe it was to drink--not being refrigerated and all. Guess it is kind of like canned milk that is processed to not need refrigeration. Anyway, from the time kids are very young here, they learn to drink from these bags of milk and are quite good at it! I know it is an unusual thing for Westerners, so when I saw all the girls sitting around drinking from their bags one afternoon, I thought you might enjoy a picture! With 4 girls in the house who love milk, we go through a lot of milk each week. I buy 2 cases each (containing 20 bags each) of white whole milk and strawberry milk each week, believe it or not! That's 80 bags of milk a week! Not to mention yogurt, it's also a big thing here in China, and our girls all love it as well. Guess they are growing girls, which is evident by the fact that they quickly outgrow their clothing! I know...enjoy it while we can, cause they grow up so fast!

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