Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Daughters Modeling Aprons

Yesterday our two adopted Chinese daughters, Shawna and Elise, were asked to do some amateur modeling. My friend and coworker, Carrie Mckean, has begun an apron business, Scarlet Threads, here in the village last fall. She recently decided to add some matching childrens' aprons to her website. She asked our two daughters, both 12, to help model them. They were excited at the opportunity and were happy to oblige. It was a fun experience for them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Carrie said they really got into it after awhile--even telling them how they could pose for more pictures! I'm glad they were able to have such an enjoyable time and also help out a friend in the process!


  1. Girls love the aprons! You look like real models!! Glad you had fun. Miss you both so much! You are growing up that is for sure. This will be a fun way for everyone to communicate.

  2. Good to see you all! Elise and Shawna look so grown up. We had a good Holiday and an extra long break due to snow days. It is very cold here making us dream of spring!