Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Birthday!

This morning Elizabeth had another birthday party that the foster home gave her where she had attended preschool until a few weeks ago. Hannah also goes there for a few hours each morning and obviously will continue for some time given her maturity level. Yesterday after we talked about attending the party, she told Elise that she would now be 10 years old! Wow, that was one short year! She was just 9 years old for only about a week! I had to explain to her that just because she had another party didn't make her another year older; she'd have to wait until next year to be 10 years old. Isn't it funny how kids think?! They have little concept of time! Anyway, the foster home has birthday celebrations once per month and this month 7 kids, including Elizabeth, had birthdays. In China, it is traditional for the birthday person to cut and serve their own birthday cake. As you can see, she also got to help light the candles. Elizabeth has now outgrown preschool, which is why she is no longer going. Now she studies with in the big home school program and classroom with Shawna and Elise!

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