Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun and Games

Although we didn't tell the kids, for 6 months now we've wanted to get a Wii for the family. We originally planned to get one from the states and have it brought over since quality of things are generally much better in the states. However, after finding out that if you purchased one there, the Chinese Wii games would not work on them, but if we bought one here, they had lots of games and they were relatively inexpensive after you bought the system. Since we live here full-time, we decided it was a much better idea to go that route. So....we saved up enough to buy it and for Christmas we surprised the kids with it. They were delighted and we've all had fun enjoying the games since. It's great because even the younger kids can play some of the games too! It's also something we can enjoy doing together as a family. Some of our girls are quite competitive! Even Hannah, who has some coordination issues, can easily play some of the games.

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  1. Looks like the girls are having a great time! Nice to see pictures of Elizabeth and Hannah, what beautiful little girls. Hello to Shawna and Elise! You girls are looking very grown up these days! Miss you all.