Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hannah's New Dolly

Is there anything sweeter than a girl and her dolly?!! Good dollies aren't easy to find here. If you do find one, like Elizabeth's dolly, the quality tends to not be too good and the arms and legs quickly go missing. Not to worry, Elizabeth also has a new one on the way from one of her sponsors for her birthday on Monday. Shhh, don't tell her! We finally found one for Hannah (at a different place!) and hope it is a bit better quality. This one has a nice little voice box that speaks when you squeeze it:) A popular feature with the older kids, not! She loves it and quickly took to it. Only problem was,it didn't come with a bottle or pacifier, which we couldn't even buy separately! Guess what the first thing is she asked for? "Where is the milk to feed her? Give me some milk to feed her." She had to settle for a small bowl and spoon to feed her that way until we find one! In the meantime, she is enjoying it anyway. She didn't want to part with her dolly when it was time to leave for work and school this morning. I had to take it from her several times, only to have her go get it again, and tell her she could not come with us! I'm so glad she is enjoying it!

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