Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Cupcakes!


Though not every time we make something, we try to get the girls involved in cooking when we have a bit more time such as weekends.  We decided we needed wanted some pumpkin cupcakes one day.  Everyone got a chance to help--even if it was just stirring.  They LOVE doing stuff like that!!

Debbie wasn't sure what to think of all this.  

Emma's been here awhile and is an old pro at it.  It never gets old, does it Emma?!  By the way, Mollie got a chance to stir too, I just never could get a picture of her doing it. She often moves too fast and all my pictures were blurry of her stirring :0

Holly too enjoys helping and as an older child, has more opportunity to help. She's our toast maker and often  enjoys doing other odd cooking tasks when asked.

Holly sets the papers in the pan......

And Mollie.....she's wondering if Holly is watching?!!  What are you thinking of doing Mollie?!  We know that mischievous look little one :)

Emma wonders what else can she do to help?  Perhaps taste test something?!!

The younger girls sat at the other side of the table and watched intently, excitedly!

Then Mollie began to clap and cheer after each ingredient was added to the bowl!  Before long, she had all the girls doing that.  They knew that something yummy was coming their way soon and they couldn't wait!

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