Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elise Has A Birthday!

This week, on Wednesday, Elise turned 15!!  Having just had a couple of other birthdays in the Forever Home recently, Elise decided not to have a cake.  Instead, she decided to do a birthday dip "cake."  It's a 6 layer dip that I'd not made here in China (so she'd never had it), but used to make it often with our two older children when we still lived in the states.  They used to LOVE it and when I suggested several alternatives to cake, Elise decided to give it a try.  Did she like it?!  Not too great, but rather decided she'd opt for the traditional cake next year :)  Some of us really liked it though and who knows, it may end up as another's birthday "cake" sometime.

As traditional here in China, she serves her guests.

Elise, Emma, and Holly pose for a birthday picture.  Would you just look at those beautiful girls!  We are so blessed!

Debbie and Sylvia enjoyed their dip.

Mollie tried it but decided it just wasn't her cup of tea.

Then there are, of course, gifts from everyone.  Some of the girls made her some cards and pictures.  Those are always special!

Surely wouldn't be a birthday around here without getting some spicy long mushrooms!  Most all our girls love them!

And some jewelry!

Just a side note:  Since we couldn't post for a large portion of November (we missed so many days posting), I have already done posts with the pictures I already have for the whole month of November, so tune in everyday for a new post. And also as things come up, I'll add those in so some days there might be more than one post a day.  Hope this isn't terribly annoying for anyone.  I apologize ahead if it is, so sorry!

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